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Coffee tree pruning and mulching campaign in Rutana province


Aug 23, 2022

RUTANA August 22nd (ABP) – The adviser to the governor of Rutana province in charge of development, Mr. David Nzinahora proceeded, on Thursday August 19, to the official launch of the pruning and mulching of coffee trees in Nyamabuye village, Kinzanza zone of the Gitanga commune, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The choice of that commune having been influenced by the lower rate of coffee cultivation, the communal agronomist of the Gitanga commune, Mr. Gérard Ngendakumana, in his speech, indicated that the population of the Gitanga commune is less concerned by that culture, and the insufficiency of washing stations as well as the low price of coffee are the causes. He said that the entire Gitanga commune has only one washing station and it is far from the farmers, given the fact that coffee is grown in all the villages of the commune.

The coffee quality supervisor at the Office for the Development of Coffee in Burundi working in the Kirimiro region, Mr. Alexandre Minani, who was present in these ceremonies, reminded the population that coffee must be sold to the washing stations. legally recognised. He made it known that any other form of selling coffee is a fraud, and is prohibited.

He called on the people of Rutana province to comply with the law in the sale of their coffee production, stressing that the bonuses which are granted to coffee growers are only benefited by those in order with regard to the sale of the production of the coffee.

As in other regions of the country, grumbling is heard among the coffee-growing population of Rutana province these days, saying that the price of cherry coffee per kilo is lower at the washing stations, noted the adviser to the governor of Rutana province in charge of development Mr. David Nzinahora. Starting from the fact that these coffee growers are asking the State to raise the price of coffee, he called on the population to properly maintain their coffee fields in order to have increased production in the first place, and to reconsider their request relating to higher prices after, with increased production.

Mr. Nzinahora invited coffee growers to work hard to increase production, which will allow them to self-develop and contribute to the development of the country that will receive foreign currency.

Note that in the Gitanga commune, coffee plantations cover an area of ​​eight hundred and seventy hectares.