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The Communal Day has been celebrated in Kabarore


Aug 9, 2022

KAYANZA August 9th (ABP) – In Kabarore commune of Kayanza province, the ceremonies relating to the celebration of the national day dedicated to the commune began with the delivery of food aid to 330 widows and vulnerable people from the Kivuvu village.

That assistance was granted to them by a businessman named Vincent Ndagijimana, also a native of that village. Each household received 5 kilos of beans and 10 kilos of cassava flour. The actual ceremonies continued in the capital of the Jene zone. In his speech for the occasion, the communal administrator of Kabarore, Mr. Berchimans Nsaguye, recalled that the communal day is a favorable moment for the natives to evaluate themselves and to fix the profits for the future. Thus, he outlined the overall situation of the town.

In the security sector, he said that the commune Kabarore is peaceful and that the population is at work. As for the health and pastoral sector, Administrator Nsaguye congratulated the people for having taken the lead in respecting the barrier measures against the coronavirus pandemic and Rift Valley fever.

However, he deplored the behavior of some of some people in his town who still engage in fraud and took the opportunity to encourage and congratulate the people who give themselves body and soul and incessantly to curb fraud. Regarding the ongoing projects, the administrator of Kabarore spoke of the construction of bridges and classrooms, the tracing of contour lines, the preparation of tree nurseries, and many other projects of public interest. The same communal authority in Kabarore congratulated those who stood out more than the others.

With that in mind, two generals, three businessmen and other department heads were certified for having actively participated in the development of the commune. Note that the day’s ceremonies ended with the sharing of food and drinks prepared in the traditional way.