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Awareness of tax citizenship


Aug 5, 2022

MWARO August 5th (ABP) – The Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) met, on Wednesday August 3, at the headquarters of Mwaro province, with administrative officials, law enforcement and judicial bodies in order to exchange on tax and customs procedures.

The head of the Taxpayer Education Service, Cyprien Ntibahanuza, indicated that the objective of that workshop was to recall the advantage of paying taxes and fighting against any kind of fraud. He took a good opportunity to let the participants know that they are best suited to help OBR tax collectors. Thanks to their collaboration, there will be a remarkable improvement in that task. Those who do not pay tax undermine the new way to the recovery of the national economy. The OBR, in its missions, can help communal administrators to distinguish between communal tax and that of the OBR. During that session, three themes were presented and developed, such as tax citizenship, tax obligations and procedures. It was also an occasion to recall the penalties provided for in the event of a tax offence.

On his part, the governor of Mwaro province, Col. Gaspard Gasanzwe, said that it is taxes and duties that contribute to the development of the country.