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The Head of State led a moralization session for the people of Ngozi


Aug 3, 2022

NGOZI August 3rd (ABP) – The Burundi Head of State, Evariste Ndayishimiye proceeded, on Saturday July 30, to a session of moralization of the people at the Agasaka stadium in Ngozi. The session was mainly focused on development.

                                                                        View of the participants

The President of the Republic said that Burundians have an obligation to work hard to increase production and have a surplus for export and repatriation of currencies. That will make it possible to carry out large-scale development projects. He insisted on the complete eradication of fraud, an insurmountable barrier for the development of a Nation.

Those who spoke returned to certain justice providers who work poorly and who constitute a disgrace for the country. Some have asked that their unjustly seized property be returned to them. Others have raised concerns about their safety being unfairly accused of practicing witchcraft. For others, the poor state of the inter-communal roads slows down any exchange of goods and services.

Speculations on BRARUDI drinks, sugar, fuel and FOMI fertilizers constitute a nightmare in the province of Ngozi because they prevent any progress of an ordinary citizen. They returned to Kiremba commune, which is an example of very poor political, social and even economic governance.

In his responses, the Head of State especially urged grassroots administrators to be more attentive to the grievances of the people.

For President Ndayishimiye, there is a neglect of population issues by the administrative heads.

He insisted that the issues be dealt with at the level of the decentralized administrative entities instead of all being channeled to the Presidency of the Republic as if there were no officials at the territorial level. Only questions that cannot be resolved locally can be sent to the advisers of the Presidency of the Republic. During his visit to Ngozi, the President of the Republic granted two cows to a cooperative of young people from different political parties working in the province of Ngozi.