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The CNDD-FDD party welcomed 320 members in Gihanga commune


Aug 3, 2022

BUBANZA August 3rd (ABP) – The CNDD-FDD political party welcomed, on Saturday July 30, new members, in Gihanga commune (north-west of Burundi), and from other political parties, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Those new members of the CNDD-FDD party come mainly from the CNL party, others from UPRONA, Sahwanya FRODEBU and MSD.

The provincial secretary of the said party, Alexandrie Ngoragoze, said he was satisfied with the good cohabitation with the members of the other political parties operating in Bubanza province. And for those new members, he asks the Bagumyabanga, political mobilizers, of their respective hills, to find them sponsors who will teach them the ideology and ethics of the CNDD-FDD party. He invites them to integrate them into the Sangwe cooperatives so that they participate in the implementation of the program of the party that won the elections and that they support the “responsible” and “hard-working” government.

To new members, Mr. Ngoragoze asks them to adopt the characteristics of the Eagle, namely strength, skill, courage and perseverance and reassures them that they do not have to doubt the victory of the CNDD-FDD party in the 2025 elections.

As for those new members of the CNDD-FDD party, they let it be known that they judged the program of that party to be better and promised their effective involvement in its implementation.

Note that the festivities saw the presence of the minister having communication in his attributions, Mrs. Léocadie Ndacayisaba, the parliamentarians elected in the constituency of Bubanza, native executives of this province and others.