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People of Mpinga-Kayove spoke before the governor


Jul 28, 2022

RUTANA July 28th (ABP) – The governor of Rutana province, Mr. Olivier Nibitanga, hosted, on Tuesday July 26, 2022, a session to collect the grievances of the population of Mpinga-Kayove commune, during his visit to that commune, which enters into a series of visits to all the communes of the province, organized within the provincial office.

Accompanied by the heads of provincial services, Governor Nibitanga exchanged with the local people during that visit. A significant number of people had the opportunity to speak before the provincial authority, exposing the challenges they experience when requesting the various services from the local authorities.

                                           View of the people from Mpinga-Kayove commune

Most of the questions raised by the participants in that session related to land-based conflicts as well as family conflicts, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Mr. Nibitanga, supported by the heads of provincial services who constituted his escort, was able to find definitive solutions for a lot of the problems presented by the majority of individuals who spoke, when others had known solutions. provisional, depending on the requirements of the case.

Some individuals who had the chance to speak to the provincial governor, and who were able to interact with the ABP, expressed a feeling of satisfaction, considering the way in which their grievances were received and the answers they received for their questions.

Note that this visit was marked by the presence of MPs and senators elected in that province.