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The ministry in charge of public security is satisfied with the achievements of the 2021-2022 budget year


Jul 27, 2022

BUJUMBURA July 26th (ABP) – The Minister of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security, Mr. Gervais Ndirakobuca proceeded on Monday, July 25, 2022 in Bujumbura, to the presentation of the report of the achievements of the said ministry during the 2021-2022 budget year.

Minister Ndirakobuca said that for governance actions included in all ministries, and as part of the national reforestation project “Ewe Burundi Urambaye”, 181,513 tree seedlings were planted throughout the country during this year and that more than a hundred nurseries have already been set up for the next campaign.

At the level of the administration of the territory and patriotic training, the Minister of the Interior indicated that there was the development and validation of the national policy of the population, the updating of the national policy of villagization, the development of two bills, one on the consolidation and division of territorial administration and the other on municipal taxation.

He added that three communal community development plans have been drawn up for the communes of Rugombo, Buganda and Mpanda.

The development and validation of the mapping of foreign non-governmental organizations (ENGO), and non-profit associations (ASBL) and religious denominations have been made.

In terms of refugee management, he said that nearly 30,356 refugees have been repatriated and supported for their reintegration.

Within the framework of public security and disaster management, 1,800 searches were carried out, where 7 pistols, 90 offensive grenades, 19 defensive grenades, 12,963 loincloths, 27 tons of dry coffee, 87,280 pieces of sachets, 88 bags of sugar, 206.45 kg of smoking hemp and others were seized.

He did not forget to point out that the alleged perpetrators of the offenses were arrested, their files were prepared and sent to justice.

Minister Ndirakobuca also indicated that 22,270 court files, including 21,575 files, have been closed and sent to the prosecution.

In the sector of decentralization and community development, 73 communal teams were trained on the alignment of community municipal development plans (PCDC) with the national development plan (PND 2018-2027) and the localization of the SDGs in community plans for communal development. There was also the impact evaluation of government funds transferred to communes via the National Communal Investment Fund (FONIC) and the performance of communes.

With regard to the promotion of community development, 5,807 micro-projects were financed for an amount of 182,000,000 BIF and 7,445 local economic actors were integrated to the tune of 541,850,000 BIF and 21 awareness sessions on the legal framework governing plots villages were organized.

In the context of disaster risk prevention and reduction, the Ministry of the Interior in partnership with other actors have fought against the coronavirus pandemic and the EBOLA virus disease. There was also the training and retraining of 20 pyro- technicians and 120 firefighters as well as the training of 30 police officers in rescue and maritime rescue techniques, in addition to the 115 personnel from public and private companies trained in the fight against fires and emergency clearance.

After the presentation, the Minister in charge of the Interior announced that all the actions that were included in the 2021-2022 action plans have been carried out at more than 90%.