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The Muslim community of Bubanza and Muramvya provinces celebrated the festival of Eid El Adha


Jul 12, 2022

BUBANZA/MURAMVYA July 12th (ABP) – Muslims from Bubanza province (northwestern Burundi) and Muramvya joined, on Saturday July 9, those from all over the world in the celebration of the Eid El Adha festival.

In Bubanza province, during the sermon, Sheikh Abdul Karim Miburo invited the Muslims of this province to avoid anything that can lead them to sin and distance them from God. He calls on them to strengthen solidarity and mutual aid, to strengthen brotherhood and good cohabitation. In the presence of the communal veterinarian of Bubanza, 4 cows were slaughtered and 6 others will be slaughtered for four days, we learn on the spot. It should be noted that one of the Muslims of the Bubanza commune took the initiative to help celebrate 7 orphan children of fathers and mothers.

In Muramvya province, the Muslim community positively appreciates the frank collaboration with the provincial administration at the territorial and security level. This was said by the leader of the Muslim community in Muramvya province, Koudra Nahimana. The ceremonies were enhanced by the provincial governor, Mr. Diomède Nzambimana and took place at the Bukeye stadium. Two cows and 150 ruminants were slaughtered in strict compliance with barrier measures against the Rift Valley pandemic under the supervision of the provincial director of the environment, agriculture and livestock in Muramvya province, Mr. Ali Kassim, also a Muslim.

In his address to the Muslim community, Governor Nzambimana wished a happy feast of sheep offering to God by Habraham in place of his son, Ismaïl. He asked the Muslims of Muramvya to redouble their efforts to support the communes in development-related works. To Muslims and the rest of the population in their social cohesion, the governor of Muramvya called for the contribution to the integral development at the level of Muramvya province.