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The inflation of BRARUDI products is being talked about


Jul 12, 2022

CANKUZO July 12th (ABP) – The soaring price of BRARUDI products can be seen in different villages in the commune and province of Cankuzo.

That was reported by the retailers of those drinks during a meeting of the new regulations on the distribution of those products led by the administrator of this commune, Ms. Chantal Irakoze, on Tuesday July 5, 2022 in the capital of that commune, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The official prices of BRARUDI products are not respected at all as reported by the retailers in that meeting.

Indeed, that inflation of these products at 500 BIF of the normal price, that is to say that a bottle of Amstel is sold at 2500 BIF instead of 2000 and that of primus 2000 BIF instead of 1500 BIF observed especially in rural areas. The cause is the transport route that we take and the purchase per bottle at more than 1500 whereas it is 16,500 BIF per locker of primus and 20,800 BIF by that of Amstel.

In addition, traders in the hills lament their disadvantage in the distribution of these drinks compared to retailers in the provincial capital.

There, it was answered that only registered traders should benefit from it first. In order to make it easy to follow the various bistros in that commune.

The administrator of the Cankuzo commune recommended the wholesalers for the delivery of receipts on which the quantities given, the name of the customer and the destination of the drinks will be mentioned, adding that it must also be done to respect the officially known price and the succession of the blood of the people.

She did not fail to sensitize them on the safeguard of hygiene around their bars by the provision of latrines in the context of promoting human health.

Moreover, whoever disregards the above recommendations will be removed from the list of merchants.

Similarly, those owners of bistros both at the village level and in the urban center of Cankuzo were recommended to respect the opening and closing times of bars in the context of combating the attendance of ligalas and drunkenness .The village leaders are challenged to regularly verify compliance with those measures.