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Traders are urged not to sell beans in border countries


Jul 7, 2022

MUYINGA July 7th (ABP) – The governor of Muyinga province (north-east of Burundi), Jean Claude Barutwanayo, calls on traders and farmers in general, to stop crossing beans to sell them in Tanzania.

According to that provincial authority, both farmers and traders must beware of stripping the country of its harvest, for the benefit of Tanzania. “Someone who does not think about the future of their family by selling all or a large part of the harvest, ignoring the bad days that may come to their family, have not yet realized the significance of the independence”. This is the statement of Governor Barutwanayo, on the sidelines of the ceremonies marking the 60th anniversary of national independence. “It is shameful for these people to see that the administration and the security forces are working to make them aware of the proper management of their harvest, when they themselves had to think about the future of their families, and the national economy,” he said indignantly.

Shortly before, the administrator of Muyinga commune, Amédée Misago, drew a report in relation to that illegal bean trade. He pointed out that since the harvest for the agricultural season B-2022, three tons of beans that were going to be sold in Tanzania, have already been seized by the communal administration in collaboration with the police. The alleged perpetrators of that prohibited trade were apprehended and handed over to the competent authorities, revealed administrator Misago, noting that the beans seized could be donated to philanthropic centers operating in Muyinga commune.