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The MPs from Cankuzo province have ended their field trips


Jul 20, 2022

CANKUZO July 18th (ABP) – The people of the commune and province of Cankuzo pleads for the granting of means of transport and communication to the administrative staff at the base. It was Friday July 15, in a last meeting animated in that province by the native MPs of that province to collect the grievances of the people.

The people of the commune hope that the return and enhancement of village side justice “intahe yo ku mugina” can contribute to the reduction of conflicts, especially land disputes. According to her, the witnesses are sometimes corrupt, which causes the judges of the courts of residence to err in their decisions that they take for trials while the notables, since they know the sources of most of the village side conflicts could easily resolve them. She pleads for them to be put in place immediately.

                                                                     View of the participants

Another problem is related to the lack of means of transport and communication materials for the administrative staff at the base to facilitate their functions. According to the people, it can even contribute to the improvement of social security.

The participants also exposed the problem of lack of modern roads in Cankuzo province, which causes the rise in the price of foodstuffs in the various markets, asking that the cross-border roads Rutana-Cankuzo and Cankuzo-Gahumo be rehabilitated.

There, they answered that we will start the construction of that of Rutana specifying that the allowances are planned to continue with the compaction works of that of Cankuzo-Gahumo next year 2023.

The participants also asked their representatives to submit the problem of the shortage of sugar and fertilizer at the FOMI factory, proposing that the factories be increased.

For all the problems that have not found solutions, these elected representatives of the population have promised to submit them to the competent authorities.

The MPs and senators took the opportunity to call on the people to combine their efforts to strengthen social cohesion and development works.