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A donation of more than 25 million BIF offered to two centers for street children


Jul 12, 2022

BUJUMBURA July 12th ​​(ABP) – The local NGO Giriyuja offered on Monday, July 11, 2022 a donation worth more than 25 million Burundian francs to the “Enfants soleils” Centers and the “Centre d’ encadrement and réinsertion des enfants Soleil” (CERES) who welcomed children removed from the streets of the city of Bujumbura, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

That donation consists of mattresses, soaps, blankets and slippers. It will contribute to improving the living conditions of 143 children who have just been removed from the streets of the city of Bujumbura. During the official presentation of this gift, the national coordinator of the NGO Giriyuja, Mr. Aimable Barandagiye promised that a team of experts from Giriyuga specialized in the supervision of street children will ensure the supervision of these last at least three times a week.

That intervention by the NGO Giriyuja, financially supported by UNICEF, supports the operation to remove child and adult beggars from the streets, which was initiated by the government of Burundi.

Mr. Barandagiye urges communities in general and parents in particular and all actors involved in the field of childhood to follow in the footsteps of the government of Burundi to stem the phenomenon of children in street situations.

Thus, he said, the place of the child is not in the street but rather in the family or at school.

As a reminder, the NGO Giriyuja in collaboration with the Observatory for the Rights of the Child in Burundi (OIDB) with the financial support of UNICEF will also provide psychosocial support for 730 street children in the town hall. of Bujumbura and the province of Ngozi. The 1st stage of this project will be devoted to the identification of these children before starting the actual supervision stage, which will be organized at the level of “open-air supervision centers”, commonly called “Drop- In Centers”.