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The President of the Senate urges administrative officials, heads of services and other elected officials to be servants of the people


Jul 7, 2022

MUYINGA July 7th (ABP) – Burundi Senate President Emmanuel Sinzohagera calls on the various officials of Muyinga province (northern Burundi) to always service the people.

According to him, a good leader must act in accordance with the interests of those he/she is called upon to serve, that is, people. The President of the Senate gave those pieces of advice on Tuesday during his tour in Muyinga province, which will take him to all the districts to meet the heads of communal services, the grassroots administrative officials, the village elected officials and the members of the communal councils.

                                                         View of the participants

He recommended everyone to be diligent at work, to maintain professional secrecy. According to him, a good leader must respect the laws in force in the country, refuses to be corrupted and serves the people without demanding anything in return. Some concerns of participants in the meeting were addressed to the President of the Senate.

These include the project for the new administrative division which has crossed out the province of Muyinga on the new administrative map to come, the pending which is becoming long for those fond of meat, the wish to have paved streets at the headquarters of the current urban center of Muyinga, the alteration of the personal and family code to protect women in illegal marriages.

The President of the Senate has promised that he will transmit all those grievances to the competent authorities so that when the time comes and after analysis, they can reserve an adequate response.