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Operating licenses granted to certain bars in the urban center of Kayanza have been suspended


Jul 7, 2022

KAYANZA July 7th (ABP) – The operating licenses granted to certain bars at the headquarters of Kayanza commune and province (north) with a view to selling their drinks at prices close to those set by hotels, have been suspended by the communal administration of Kayanza since the early this week.

Through an interview given to a check by ABP, the administrator of Kayanza, Mr. Gilbert Nyandwi, let it be known that this measure was taken following the fact that certain owners of the bars inexplicably raised the prices of Brarudi products.

By way of illustration, the 75 cl amstel blonde, the official price is 1,900 BIF per bottle, but it can be bought today between 2,500 and 3,000 BIF.

As for the primus beer drink of 72 Cl, the unit price which should not exceed 1,500 BIF can be found today, in many bars, at a price less than or equal to 2,000 BIF. The situation is the same for other drinks produced by Brarudi such as the amstel commonly called Bechou and the small amstel called Bock. The check by ABP contacted some bar owners to inquire about the origin of that price increase. They testified that they have obtained operating licenses allowing them to raise prices as hotels do.

Others deplore that they receive minimal quantities because some wholesalers of Brarudi products divert them to their bars or sell them at prices higher than those set by the government. Reacting to all those concerns, the communal administrator of Kayanza, Mr. Gilbert Nyandwi, let it be known that a measure suspending those operating licenses granted to certain bars was taken right early this week.

He seizes the opportunity to ask retailers of Brarudi products to stop trying to raise official prices because, he warns, those caught in the act will pay the price.

As for the wholesalers, Administrator Nyandwi recommends that they serve all the quantity of drinks distributed to them and avoid diverting them from the fact that, according to him, those drinks will soon be distributed, village by village, in order to facilitate the daily report.