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Preparations for the State Examination, 2022 Edition, are going well in Bujumbura City


Jul 6, 2022

BUJUMBURA July 6th (ABP) – Preparations for the State exam for finalists in the post-basic level are going well, a check by ABP got informed on Tuesday, June 5, 2022, during his visit to certain school institutions based in Bujumbura City Council.

At Lac Tanganyika II high school, which has three sections including the economic section, the Arts section and the biology and earth sciences section, the check by ABP has found that the finalist pupils in all those sections respond massively to the reinforcement sessions.

                                                                                                         View of the finalists

Met in class, Mrs. Jacqueline Nzeyimana, the teacher of the biology course in the scientific section, indicated that, despite the volume of the course programs, they did everything to complete the scheduled program on time for the finalists to have sufficient time for review.

With regard to cases of absence during this preparatory period for the State examination, Mrs. Jacqueline Nzeyimana also added that there are no cases of absence observed, because, she continued to say, all pupils consider themselves determined to pass the State exam.

The check by ABP contacted Djuma Akimu, a finalist in the Arts section, indicated that he commends the progress of those preparations because, he added, the teachers give their all so that pupils can get a good mark in the State exam. “We hope that we will all pass the exam,” reassured Djuma, a finalist at Lac Tanganyika II high school.

During that visit, the check by ABP also went to the Notre Dame High School of Rohero high school where he met Mrs. Geneviève Nshimirimana, the prefect of studies of that school. She said that the preparations for the State exam, 2022 edition, are progressing well except for a minority of pupils who are absent during this reinforcement period. At least, she testified, the finalist pupils are preparing to take the State exam and the course programs have already been completed.

It is worthy to recall that the taking of the State exam is scheduled for July 12 to July 15.