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Burundian ombudsman pays tribute to deceased player of Kayanza United team


Jul 5, 2022

KAYANZA July 5th (ABP) – The Burundian ombudsman, Mr. Edouard Nduwimana, gave on Sunday, July 3 at the Gatwaro stadium, the kick-off of the match organized in memory of the former player of the Kayanza provincial team (north) called Kayanza United, the late Irakoze Yves who have died recently.

Two friendly matches were delivered. The first match was between veteran team Musave United and GKM Abagenzi while the second game was between teams Kayanza United FC and Messager Ngozi FC.

After kicking off the match between Kayanza United FC and Messager Ngozi FC, Mr. Nduwimana sent a message of consolation to the bereaved family, the Kayanza United team for which the deceased played and the entire football community in general. “Life on earth is a passage, you have to prepare for it spiritually,” he suggested.

Mr. Nduwimana took the opportunity to point out that the matches contribute to the strengthening of love and unity. Shortly before, the leader of the Kayanza United football team, Mr. Ferdinand Habimana, had pointed out that the late Irakoze Yves was a good player who lived well and collaborated with his teammates. Speaking about the matches delivered, he stressed that the entrance tickets and the money collected during those friendly matches will be used for the assistance of the bereaved family.