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Communal officials are satisfied with the achievements of the ‘Ndemeshabuzima’ network


Jul 1, 2022

KAYANZA June 30th (ABP) – Communal officials, both administrative and educational, of Gatara and Kayanza in Kayanza province (north) are delighted with the achievements of the network called ‘Ndemeshabuzima’, which brings together four religious denominations, namely the Catholic Church, Islam, Pentecost and the Anglican Church.

That network has, through the Imenye project, trained young people attending schools under agreements in the Gatara and Kayanza communes on sexual and procreative education among young people and adolescents with a view to significantly reducing early pregnancies in schools.

Funded by the international religious organization Christian Aid, the Ndemeshabuzima network covered for a year certain school under agreements in the Gatara and Kayanza school communes. According to the technical coordinator within the said network, Mr. Christophe Ntawuyankira, the training focused on the attitude that young people should take instead of embarking on idleness.

The pupils from the targeted schools then demonstrated, from Friday to Saturday, the knowledge acquired in contests which largely revolved around sexual health among young people and adolescents and those who gave the correct answer received various prizes.

The communal directors of education in Gatara and Kayanza commended the achievements of the network of religious denominations, saying they were confident that the cases of teenage pregnancies in schools will decrease. On that occasion, they expressed the wish to see the project expanded to cover all the schools in their school districts.

On his part, the communal administrator of Kayanza, Mr. Gilbert Nyandwi, also commended the establishment of a network bringing together the religious denominations mentioned above for a single objective. He recalled that religious denominations should consult the administration whenever there are dissensions that break out within the churches.

He took the opportunity to appeal to young people to use wisdom and intelligence in everything they do and to prepare to make decisions so as not to fall into the traps of those who plunge them into bad behavior.