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The national thanksgiving prayer for the 2nd anniversary of the inauguration of the Head of State has ended


Jun 21, 2022

MURAMVYA June 21st (ABP) – The presidential family organized from June 16 to 18, 2022, respectively at the parish of Muramvya and at the Royal Stadium in the capital of Muramvya province (center-west), the national prayer of action of grace, in order to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the inauguration of the President of the Republic, Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye.

                                                                     View of the participants

Different authorities of the country took part in this prayer: The President of the National Assembly, the Vice-President of the Republic, the Burundian Ombudsman as well as members of the government, senior State officials and the population of Muramvya.

The teaching session of the morning of Saturday June 18, was moderated by Sheikh Ramadhan, of the Islamic Community of Burundi (COMIBU), in the place of certain leaders.

Sheikh Ramadhan developed the theme chosen for this second anniversary of the election of President Ndayishimiye. It’s about, “Therefore producing fruit worthy of repentance.” A theme taken from the Gospel of Matthew 3-8.

Ramadhan pointed to the hard times experienced by the country in full view of the religious without any intervention for reconciliation.

Sheikh Ramadan noted that it is high time to sit down together, all religious denominations combined, to follow in the footsteps of the country’s authorities who have opted to praise God and bring Burundians together in unity. He asks his peers as leaders to honor their commitments in the sense of forming a covenant with God in their mission as shepherds.

The closing day of the national prayer was also marked with praise. Choirs of the religious denominations of Muramvya, Bujumbura, the presidential family and members of the government performed in front of the Head of State, to give thanks to God, who granted him strength and courage during the two years in power.

President Evariste Ndayishimiye also thanked God and said satisfied with the achievements for the benefit of Burundians during the past two years. He affirmed that the beginnings were not easy but over time the achievements were clearly observed. According to Mr. Ndayishimiye, the slogan of working together so that every mouth has something to eat and every pocket has money, was practically accomplished by the population grouped together in agro-pastoral cooperatives. He encouraged the promoters of cooperatives for the promotion of agricultural production and development.

With the start of the third year in power, President Ndayishimiye has indicated that he is ready to make every effort to block the road to famine and poverty in general. He called on the members of the government to support its objectives, while making their governed work effectively. And to add that the local administration has the duty to go on the ground to be models for the development of the country.

With his wife, holding the national flag in her hand, and surrounded by members of the government and the country’s leaders, the President of the Republic prayed for Burundi and the population, imploring God to continue to guard and protect the Burundian. He asked that God show his goodness by putting an end to the wars that are being talked about in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Russia and in Ukraine. President Ndayishimiye also prayed that the spirit of terrorism be eradicated in the sub-region, in Africa and worldwide.

Speaking, the governor of Muramvya province, Mr. Diomède Nzambimana, praised the honor bestowed on them by the presidential family to host the national prayer of thanksgiving during the three days, and to celebrate the second anniversary of the inauguration of the President of the Republic of Burundi. As a province that had the opportunity to host the national prayer, the people of Muramvya offered the presidential family five cows and a hundred baskets containing food.