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The Bumamuru FC team, champion of the President’s Cup, 2022 edition


Jun 14, 2022

CIBITOKE June 14th (ABP) – The Bumamuru FC team from Cibitoke province won, on Saturday June 11, 2022, at the Urunani stadium in Buganda commune, the victory of the champion of the President’s Cup, 2022 edition, by crushing the Flambeau from the center of Gitega province by a score of three goals against one. That final match was enhanced by the presence of the Head of State in the company of other dignitaries.

The President of the Republic presented the cup to the Bumamuru FC team and crowned all the players of the two teams with medals.

The match was of great interest to football fans, who came in large numbers and filled the stadium to bursting point.

The first game, which ended with a draw for both teams, was strong and balanced, even if the Bumamuru FC team had tried several times to penetrate their opponent’s defense without succeeding. However, on returning from the locker room, Bumamuru FC changed their game, and were able to score three goals successively in the 48th, 51st and 76th minute of the match.

As for the Center Flambeau, who never gave up until the end, only got their only goal, in the 82nd minute of the match.

Note that it was for the second time in a row that the Bumamuru FC team won the President’s Cup against the same team from Gitega.

Also, the champion team was awarded an envelope of ten million Burundian francs, in addition to five million BIF, received from a native of Cibitoke province.

The Flambeau du centre team, second in the championship had an envelope of 7.5 million FBu; the 3rd Black Eagle team and the 4th Buja-City each received an envelope of five million Burundian francs.

Note that for this fact, the Bumamuru FC team won its visa, to represent Burundi, in the African Confederation Cup.