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The DIFO Microfinance invites coffee growers to have bank accounts within it


Jun 9, 2022

KAYANZA June 7th (ABP) – The Munkazi pulping-washing station in Kayanza commune and province (north) proceeded, on Friday June 3, 2022, through the microfinance Development Inter People Finess Operation (DIFO), to the first payment of the coffee growers who sold their cherry coffee at this station for the 2022-2023 coffee campaign, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In his speech for the occasion, the representative of that station, Mr. Euphrem Sebatigita, called on the local coffee growers to produce quality coffee. “It will allow you to benefit from a good market,” he insisted.

In their interventions, the coffee growers were delighted that the first payment took place on time. However, they claimed the bonuses that are being paid to coffee growers at different pulping-washing stations. Mr. Sebatigita reassured them that the related file is already in the hands of ODECA (office for the development of coffee in Burundi) and that soon they will receive their premiums.

On behalf of DIFO microfinance, Mr. Olivier Nzeyimana, explained that this banking institution wants to encourage coffee growers to save money instead of spending unnecessarily or keeping their money in the traditional way.

He took that opportunity to urge coffee growers to open accounts with DIFO microfinance in order to benefit from its many advantages. He pointed out that this microfinance accompanies coffee growers even in other agricultural activities in order to block the road to loan sharks.

During the exchanges, the coffee growers of Munkazi requested that there be an extension of that microfinance in order to minimize the distance and the related expenses and the journeys of the customers.

It should be noted that this was an opportunity for some coffee growers to open their bank accounts at DIFO and that, dating from 2010, that microfinance now has three branches.