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The communal administrators are called upon to take the necessary measures to curb the bush fires


Jun 16, 2022

KAYANZA June 14th (ABP) – The Governor of Kayanza (north), Colonel Rémy Cishahayo, recommends that communal administrators take all necessary measures to curb the bush fires which become commonplace during the dry season. According to the check by the ABP during an interview granted to him by this administrative authority.

According to the governor of Kayanza, Col. Rémy Cishahayo, this administrative entity is full of a large number of forests and woodlands, both state and communal. However, he regrets, bush fires often threaten the environment including the natural forest of Kibira during the dry season. To remedy this challenge, the provincial authority in Kayanza calls on the communal administrators of Kabarore, Muruta and Matongo who have a major part in the Kibira nature reserve to remain vigilant to prevent the latter from being devastated this year by the fires of bush. Such an appeal is the one made to the communal administrators of Gahombo and Muhanga, which Mount Mukinya overlooks.

To the latter, he invites them to take all measures so that the forest there is not burned down. In general, Governor Cishahayo recommends that the administrators of the nine municipalities that make up the province organize, before it is late, the work of tracing firebreaks throughout the forests and woods.

In addition, he says he is confident that the students who will soon be returning for summer vacation will undoubtedly help in tracing these firewalls, as part of the summer camps planned for them. He takes the opportunity to urge the communal administrators to also think about the work of tracing contour lines for the protection of arable land.