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Towards the extension of electrification in Makamba


Jun 6, 2022

MAKAMBA June 6th (ABP) – The Minister of Hydraulics, Energy and Mines, Mr. Ibrahim Uwizeye held, Thursday, June 2, 2022, in Makamba (southern Burundi) a meeting for the administrators, department heads, representatives of religious denominations and the private sector to discuss the state of play in the water, energy and mining and quarrying sectors, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In his welcoming address, the Governor of Makamba, Mrs. Françoise Ngozirazana indicated that the province faces the insufficiency of water and electricity in the districts and hills of the province, the case of the Kibago and Vugizo communes which do not have electricity so far. She added that even Nkurunziza Peace Park Complex Stadium lacks those basic needs.

Mrs. Ngozirazana did not forget to point out that the Muyange area of ​​the Nyanza-Lac commune does not yet have electricity, while the inauguration of the lighting project for the Nyanza-Lac-Muyange line of approximately one linear of 12 km, took place.

Speaking, Minister Uwizeye indicated that the electrification of Kibago and Vugizo communes is one of the concerns of the State like the other communes which do not have electricity. He gave a deadline of three months to finalize the electrification project of the Muyange area.

He also asked the competent services of his ministry to finalize the drinking water supply and electrification projects of different districts or hills of Makamba. To strengthen good governance, Mr. Uwizeye asked the agents of this ministry working in this province to work in close collaboration with the administration. They must each time give a monthly report to the administration of their jurisdiction so that the latter is always aware of what is being done in the various sectors of the said ministry.

Concerning the wooden poles which often collapse due to bad weather and climatic hazards, he indicated that they plan to use metal poles and others in reinforced concrete. In addition, the Governor of Makamba reported that the towns of Makamba and Kayogoro can go more than two months without being supplied with fuel.