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The government of Burundi continues to fight malnutrition


Jun 6, 2022

GITEGA June 6th (ABP) – The Minister of Interior, Community Development and Public Security, Mr. Gervais Ndirakobuca, on Thursday June 2, 2022, in Gitega (central Burundi), proceeded to the official opening provincial and municipal platforms for food security and nutrition. These ceremonies were coupled with the official dissemination of the national roadmap for strengthening food systems in Burundi, a document containing many avenues for reforming actions for the transformation of food systems. In his speech for the occasion, Minister Ndirakobuca, at the same time vice-president of the steering committee of the multisectoral food security and nutrition platform, indicated that the provincial and municipal platforms which are decentralized and decentralized structures of this platform “PPSAN and PCSAN” will necessarily make it possible to strengthen collaborative work between the different sectors. They will also enable the various stakeholders to work effectively to improve food and nutritional security through effective integration of systems including health, food, social protection, education, water supply, hygiene and sanitation without forgetting cross-cutting themes such as gender, governance and resource mobilization.

View of the participants

He indicated that the deconcentrated and decentralized structures of the platform will facilitate the centralization, completeness, synthesis and local processing of monitoring data for the implementation of the multisectoral strategic plan for food security and nutrition. These structures will also facilitate the provincial and municipal archiving of physical and electronic data, the transmission of aggregated data by sector at the national level, the supervision and periodic reviews of local annual action plans, the dissemination of results to all sectors. implementation, the use of information for strategic reorientation at the local level as well as participation in the mapping of food and nutrition security stakeholders.

Minister Ndirakobuca took this opportunity to urge all provincial governors and all municipal administrators to adopt much more pragmatic and managerial attitudes, in order to better coordinate actions at the national level. According to him, the various interventions of government services and joint multi-actor projects must be synergistic, complement each other and converge towards reversing the trend of the nutritional situation in order to definitively break the intergenerational vicious circles linked to nutritional problems. He also stressed that the action program of the Burundian government aims to make Burundi a prosperous and competitive country offering a high standard of living to the population through the implementation of strategies likely to induce observable results. in the area of ​​food and nutrition security.

Speaking, the resident coordinator of the United Nations system in Burundi Mr. Damien Mama praised the significant efforts of the government of Burundi in order to contribute to the food and nutritional security of the population. He further pointed out that chronic malnutrition has disastrous and often irreversible consequences on the physical and cognitive development of the affected person. It also affects the socio-economic development of the country where it occurs. Based on this, Mr. Mama called on all actors to join forces to protect the population and ensure its development.

The resident coordinator of the United Nations system in Burundi recalled that investing in nutrition is one of the most important and significant investments that anyone can make. Note that this activity was coupled with the official dissemination of the national roadmap on strengthening food systems in Burundi.