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The public service mutual is called on to improve its services in Ruyigi


Jun 9, 2022

RUYIGI June 7th (ABP) – Affiliates of the civil service mutual fund in Ruyigi province are asking the mutual fund to improve its services in the quality of medicines but also in bringing its services closer to the communes to better serve the localities most scoured and rural of the different communes of that province.

That appeal was launched last week during the solemn opening of the public service mutual agency in Ruyigi.

The ceremonies of that opening were enhanced by the Minister of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender, Mrs. Imelde Sabushimike, the 2nd Vice-President of the Burundian Senate, Mr. Cyriaque Nshimirimana as well as other members of parliament elected in Ruyigi province.

The governor of Ruyigi, Mrs. Emerencienne Tabu, in her welcoming speech, positively appreciated the arrival of that mutual insurance agency in the headquarters of the province. However, she deplored the fact that some members of the public service mutual fund complain that certain drugs commonly called specialties are gradually being removed from the list of drugs that this institution offers to its members.

According to Governor Tabu, the population of Ruyigi and especially that of the communes farthest from the capital complain of the long distances traveled before arriving at the capital of the province to stock up on medicines.

The Governor of Ruyigi also pleaded for the mutual to be able to open its counters on Sundays and to make it easier for the needy.

The representative of the public service mutual, Dr Marie Noelle Uwineza, said that the establishment of that new agency in the province of Ruyigi will bring added value and facilitate the search for the membership card for new customers. and that the obtaining of the biometric card of the affiliates of the mutual will be done in a very short time. She indicates that bringing her services closer to the people is a concern and that the process is already underway and that little by little everything will be in order. Regarding the generic drugs that are said to be the most offered by the mutual, Dr. Uwineza said that it is a question of chemical formula, explaining that the healing molecule is the same for all those categories of drugs and the rest is just a marketing ploy to give products a nice packaging and visual identity.

In his speech, Minister Sabushimike expressed his gratitude that the public service mutual is currently offering its services to retirees and without hesitation.

According to this authority, the public service mutual had a habit of hiding certain drugs for a certain social segment of the people to give to another, but that habit no longer exists.

She congratulated the public service mutual for the fact that today it has opened the door to any individual, such as private sector organizations who wish to join. She promised unwavering support so that the mutual can continue to move forward.

The 2nd vice-president of the Burundian senate, for his part, asked the authorities of the mutual insurance company to strengthen their collaboration with the health centers of all the provinces and to regularly monitor the professional behavior of its staff, so that they are irreproachable in their professionalism and serve as a model for the various other services, in the region of the great lakes, and why not even at the universal level, he wished.