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Prohibited fishing equipment has been destroyed in Bugabira commune


Jun 3, 2022

KIRUNDO June 3rd (ABP) – The communal administration of Bugabira in Kirundo province (northern Burundi) in collaboration with the police and the Kirundo fishermen’s association, destroyed on Tuesday May 31, 2022, prohibited fishing equipment consisting of 242 mosquito nets, 120 gill nets and 3 large nets, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

All that equipment was seized in Lake Cohoha by the navy soldiers in collaboration with representatives of the fishermen’s association.

The administrator of Bugabira commune, Mr. Eric Twizerimana, indicated that this prohibited fishing equipment is at the origin of the insufficient production of fish, which hinders the entry of taxes, while adding that this affects the life of the people from that commune who are accustomed to eating fish.

The leader of the fishermen’s association in Kirundo province, Mr. Amisi Rwagasana, specified that one kilogram of small fish gives a ton of fish after their reproduction, hence he made it known that he does not cease to sensitize the fishermen to eradicate that objectionable material.

It is worthy to note that Kirundo province produces a sufficient quantity of fish but that the price remains high, as consumers indicate, adding that the reason is that they are transported to other provinces, especially to the city of Bujumbura, and forget to create well-known sales outlets in Kirundo province.