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Wooden objects pose less risk to human health


Jun 1, 2022

BUBANZA June 1st (ABP) – Some of the wooden objects, often used in households, pose less risk to human health compared to those made of metals or plastic, young members of the “Cooperative Ewe Burundi Nushaze” manufacturing those objects, and whose workshop is located in Bubanza commune (north-west of Burundi), told a check by ABP.

That cooperative is located in Buhororo 1 village, in Bubanza commune. Met at the workshop of that cooperative, those young people indicate that the latter took inception in May 2021 with 54 members including 40 girls. As noted on site, objects made of wood include pots, plates, cups, suitcases, vases, egg incubators and tomato processing machines and other wooden equipment.

Emmanuel Hakizimana, leader of that cooperative, indicates that they started with a capital of approximately 15 million BIF, but their current turnover is 25 million BIF, and 6 other young people have benefited from employment within the cooperative.

Nevertheless, the representative of the “Ewe Burundi Nushaze” cooperative mentions obstacles to the proper implementation of their projects, among other things, the fact that their wood products are not yet known to buyers, as well as the insufficiency of financial means for the implementation of their projects.

Emmanuel Hakizimana promises that those who want to learn their trades will be welcome. He calls on other young people to set up cooperatives in order to embark on self-development projects.