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The 2022 National test Competition has started


Jun 1, 2022

BUJUMBURA June 1st (ABP) – In Bujumbura City, the first day of the National Competition, 2022 edition, for grade 9 students of basic school, took place in a peaceful atmosphere even if some candidates were absent, a check by ABP, on Tuesday May 31, 2022 in Bujumbura, has revealed.

During a visit that the check by ABP paid to two test centers, among others, the – Notre Dame – high school of Rohero and the Lake Tanganyika II high school, it was noted that the activities started at 9:30 a.m. instead of 7: 30 a.m.

At the test center of Rohero high school, the co-leader of that center, Father Donatien Bacinoni, indicated that this center had to welcome 242 candidates from the independent school, the – Idéal de l’horizon – basic school, and those of the – Notre Dame – high school of Rohero.

For the Notre Dame high school of Rohero, 80 candidates who were expected to take the test were all present while at the Independent School, 131 candidates were expected but 133 were present, including one who was absent, but he specified that this number has increased following the two candidates who are not on the list.

For the – idéal de l’horizon – basic school, 36 students were registered to take the test but only 29 candidates were present, including a student not registered among expected candidates. He specified that eight candidates were absent for reasons not yet known.

At the examination center of the Lake Tanganyika II high school, the expected candidates were 242 in number but only 236 candidates were present.

The leader of that center indicated that the Lake Tanganyika II high school brought together the basic school of the basin II with 32 candidates expected including one absent, the high school of Lake Tanganyika II with 152 candidates expected including one absent, the – Debout bébé – basic school with 19 expected candidates including three absent, as well as the – Foreami – basic school with 29 expected candidates including only one candidate that was absent.

When asked to know the cause of the delay, the leaders of those test centers reported that some of the supervisors did not arrive at the scheduled time, and some students were late. They also underlined the time taken to distribute the copies to the students, before recalling that the first day is always difficult.

Remember that this test competition, which began on May 31, 2022, will end on June 2, 2022 and 71,313 candidates are expected to take this test at the national level.