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The National Assembly has passed the substantive amendments formulated on the bill on the missions, organization, composition, instruction, conditions of service and functioning of the FDNB


May 17, 2022

BUJUMBURA May 16th (ABP) – The National Assembly unanimously passed on Thursday the substantive amendments proposed by a mixed parity committee made up of six members of the Senate and six members of the National Assembly, set up to study the Organic Bill No. 1/04/of February 20, 2017 on the missions, organization, composition, instruction, conditions of service and functioning of the Burundi National Defense Force (FDNB).

The joint committee is provided for in article 196 of the constitution, which stipulates that if “the Senate adopts the bill after having amended it, the president of the Senate transmits it to the National Assembly for a new examination. amendments proposed by the Senate are adopted by the National Assembly, the President of the National Assembly transmits the definitive text within 48 hours to the President of the Republic, for the purposes of promulgation. two chambers, a bill or a private member’s bill could not be adopted; the President of the National Assembly and the President of the Senate set up a mixed parity committee responsible for proposing a joint text on all or part of the remaining text under discussion, within 15 working days. The text drawn up by the joint committee is submitted for approval to the two chambers. No amendment is admissible if each of the two chambers approves it separately. If the joint committee e fails to adopt a common text; or if this text is not adopted by either House; the President of the Republic can either, ask the National Assembly to rule definitively or declare the bill or private member’s bill null and void. The National Assembly adopts this text by a two-thirds majority.

As a reminder, that bill establishes in the FDNB, the FRAD, which is a reserve and support force for the development of the country whose missions are to carry out the orientations of the command of the FDNB; retraining and management of reservists, production and support for development, to draw up the directives of the General Staff/FDNB in ​​terms of patriotic supervision; management of the reserve, production and support for the development of the country.

That force also has the mission of carrying out the directives of the EMG / FDNB in ​​terms of patriotic supervision, retraining and the management of reservists; production and development support, organize paramilitary training within the framework of the patriotic framework, organize retraining for the benefit of reservists and support the other components in safeguarding the integrity of the national territory and in participating in missions relief and assistance in the event of disasters and catastrophes. It also has the mission of designing and executing development projects in various fields, proposing and operationalizing the partnership framework with both national and foreign production actors.

At the request of the person concerned and accepted by the command of the FDNB, the soldier who completes his career extension may serve in the FRAD.