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Burundi calls for justice over shortcomings in the construction of the Mpanda hydroelectric power plant


May 17, 2022

BUJUMBURA May 16th (ABP) – In a press conference he hosted on Tuesday, May 10, for journalists, the President of the Republic spoke at length about good governance as the government’s battle horse.

In that regard, he returned to the file of the Mpanda hydroelectric power station which raised an outcry. According to estimates, 54 billion Burundian francs have been disbursed while the construction work has not been properly carried out. According to the terms of the contract, officials will have to return the money or redo the work, he said. Based on this case, he cited other cases of embezzlement, deploring the dilapidation of some new national roads even before they were received.

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The Head of State also raised the case of mining operations, stressing that the activities were suspended after noting that Burundi was losing because of poorly drawn up contracts. All operating contracts will thus be renegotiated. For all these cases, President Ndayishimiye points the finger at certain officials who would have contributed to this state of affairs, by negotiating contracts that benefited the contracting companies to the detriment of the country.

In terms of justice, in relation to the government’s objective of closing all pending cases in court, the President of the Republic has indicated that there is still a long way to go. While we had counted on 2000 files, we ended up with more than 200,000, added the head of state.

Speaking about the government’s position on the conclusions on the Hutu genocide perpetrated in 1972, he said that the work of the CVR is not yet finished and the government cannot speak for a part also indicating that when the government speaks out, it will do so with a view to consolidating peace throughout the country.

Journalists wanted to know when the long-awaited construction of the central market in Bujumbura, he replied that banks operating in the country had joined forces and raised 60 million dollars for the construction. A sum described by the President of the Republic as minimal compared to the major project that the government is considering. A project that would require around 150 million dollars, according to him. Currently, a study house has been asked to look into the question and propose the implementation of this project, explained the President of the Republic.