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Many challenges haunt companies in the security sector


May 17, 2022

BUJUMBURA May 16th (ABP) – The coalition of unions of workers in companies in the security sector, including the union of workers of the Burundian company for protection-surveillance and security (SYTRASOBU-PSG), the union of Burundian security guards (SYVBU) , the union of workers of Alpha Security Company (STASEC), the union of workers of Sure Security Company (SYTRASUSECO), and the union of workers of Kenya Kazi Security Burundi (SYTRAKBU), organized on Thursday May 12 in Bujumbura, a press conference to publicize the living conditions of workers in that sector.

In his speech, the leader of (SYTRASOBU-PSG), Mr. Désiré Ndayishimiye said that many challenges haunt workers in companies in the security sector.

On this occasion, he cited the lack of legal protection due to the absence of a written employment contract, the lack of social protection (no health care or social security at the INSS), unfair dismissals, untimely transfers, the imprisonment of workers.

Mr. Ndayishimiye also raised the problem of the absence of social dialogue in the workplace, company councils, the non-respect of the collective agreements that Burundi has ratified and integrated into its legislation in force, including conventions 87, 98 and 135 of the ILO

Still according to that trade unionist, there is also the challenge of not having access to legal holidays, the lack of work materials, the non-respect of statutory working hours and public holidays, the non-existence of weekly rest, the absence of harmonization of wages for equal work, non-consideration of professional categories, seniority and level of training in the event of remuneration, the absence of free choice of places of collection of wages and others.

For that reason, those trade unionists have recommended to the government of Burundi to encourage security companies to enforce national and international legislation by showing the lines that they must follow.

The Government of Burundi should also take sanction measures for companies that violate the legislation in force, promote social dialogue through the establishment of a joint and permanent commission in charge of monitoring and evaluating the activities of security companies.

The ministry in charge of social security must also take restrictive measures for companies which have reduced the contribution base and those which do not have their employees affiliated to the INSS or to health mutual.