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Official launch of the Viva Basketball League


May 11, 2022

BUJUMBURA May 10th (ABP) – The activities of the Viva Basketball League were launched on Sunday, May 8, 2022, at the sports department by the representative of Brarudi and the president of the Bujumbura Basketball Federation (FEBABU), Apostle Jean Paul Manirambona saw the ABP on the spot. On the sidelines of this opening which began with the parade of teams that will participate in the VBL, matches counting for the first weekend of the league were on the agenda. Saturday at 11 a.m., the Dynamo and Hippos teams crossed swords and Dynamo barely beat the Hippos on a score of 78 points to 75. At 1 p.m., Young Eagles of Gitega was struggling with Brothers of Cankuzo and Young Eagles won against Brothers with a score of 73 points to 52. At 3 p.m., the Remesha and Gymkhana teams, two rivals, delivered a long-awaited match and showed a good match with obvious vivacity, each wanting to show their superiority over their opponent and the match ended in a victory for Gymkhana for the 3rd time of meeting on a score of 78 points to 64. Sunday, at 12:30 p.m. after the opening ceremonies of the VBL, the Tigers and Aigle noir teams delivered a match and Tigers won with a score of 62 points to 57. At 3:15 p.m., the meeting which would oppose New Star and Urunani began and despite the absence of its pivot. Urunani led the game from start to finish in the first half with a score of 31 to 21 from New Star but the game was interrupted twice by rain and eventually the game was postponed. In her speech, the representative of Brarudi indicated that this company has a long history of sponsorship, a history of supporting communities and with Viva we have a brand that wants to promote a sign of life seine a malt drink, without added sugar, non-alcoholic. From the start, she pointed out, we saw that we shared a lot of values ​​together, the vision of setting up the Viva Basketball League she launched before congratulating the teams of Brarudi and those of FEBABU who have worked to realize this dream. The FEBABU leader meanwhile congratulated the Brarudi who agreed to finance the competitions through this League as well as the ten teams which managed to enter the League after the playoffs. He urged them not to be removed from this prestigious place in which they find themselves, signaling that the future is promising. He announced that with the partnership between FEBABU and Akeza.net, all VBL basketball matches will be broadcast live and there are international agents who come to Burundi to test the talents and these managers wish in collaboration with the International Federation de Basketball (FIBA) to make international recruitments from Burundi and our players will have to behave like people who know what they are looking for. He thanked the Brarudi who accepted to grant a sum of 10 million to the team which will win the VBL adding that from now on the FEBABU will grant to each team which will go up inside 300 thousand BIF and 100 thousand outside host team through revenue collected during the League. On June 28, he added, 15 players under the age of 18 will fly to Washington DC and 11 other cities in the United States of America where they will benefit from basketball training, academic and viva contributed. In addition, he continued, FEBABU has just benefited from training for 3 referees who will become international officials, 6 coaches through FIBA, 25 referees and 25 girl coaches through CONFEJES, girls were also registered in the training of table officials, the road is long, let’s not waste time hammered the president of FEBABU before ending his speech.