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Dynamo is crowned champion of the opening tournament of the VBL


Apr 27, 2022

BUJUMBURA April 27th (ABP) – The basketball team Dynamo offered itself on Sunday the cup of the opening tournament of the Viva Basketball League, a tournament organized by the Federation of Basketball of Burundi (FEBABU), a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

That tournament saw some predictably strong teams pack up in the playoffs and teams that were struggling to qualify pick themselves up.

In the semi-finals on Saturday, two matches were on the agenda. The Hippos crossed swords with New Star and surprisingly, the Hippos beat New Star, first team after the playoffs with a score of 58 points to 55. The second game opposed Dynamo and Remesha and Dynamo also surprised the fans of the orange ball clearing the way against the favorite team Remesha on a score of 67 points to 57 from Remesha.

On Sunday, the small final or classification match and the final were played. The Ranking match was between New star and Remesha and the latter won with a score of 81 points to 71 from New. The long-awaited final would decide between Dynamo and the Hippos.

The latter showed a good game the first two four-strokes so much so that at half-time the Hippos were leading the game with a score of 38 points to 22 and back on the field things changed.

The Dynamo players came back with a new lease of life, dominating the Hippos thanks to their experience, with three-point shots from captain Jean closing the difference and taking a lead by plenty of successful shots from mid-range for the players Amani, Romus and others.

The Hippos, a new team that is being built, lost to experienced Dynamo with a final score of 67 points to 54 from the Hippos and won the tournament cup.