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Disabled people in Muramvya province are satisfied with the support of the UPHB


May 11, 2022

MURAMVYA May 10th (ABP) – The members of the Twiyunge cooperative in Muramvya commune and province (central-western Burundi) have already had dozens of cattle and hundreds of goats, thanks to the support of the Union des People with disabilities in Burundi, UPHB in acronyms, as indicated to the ABP by the provincial legal representative of the UPHB, Dieudonné Ndagijimana. Mr. Ndagijimana said that the members of the Twiyunge cooperative are very satisfied with the support of the Union of Disabled Persons of Burundi because a dozen cattle and hundreds of ruminants have already been distributed in the chains of community solidarity in favor of more than one hundred and twenty households in Muramvya commune. Among the achievements of the UPHB in Muramvya province, Mr. Ndagijimana reported the capacity building of 32 father educators on good health for all in the Province, with the help of GIZ Burundi. He also pointed out that the UPHB provides support for children with disabilities for access to school and trades education in technical and vocational education centers. The achievements of the union of disabled people in Muramvya are not yet widely known because, according to the provincial official, the Twiyunge cooperative does not have a building housing its office but in the coming days, an office will be rented with a view to the visibility of the activities of their Cooperative called Dushigikirane, he says.

Note that to support the activities of the association of people living with disabilities called Twiyunge of the MURAMVYAl commune, the “Liliane” foundation in collaboration with MIVA, granted them a laptop computer and its accessories to facilitate self-financing. That is when the Twiyunge association has already bought a photocopier and a printer for its communal office, as Mr. Ndagijimana points out.