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Some 750 fictitious files of state officials have been suspended, according to the Minister of Public Service, Labor and Employment


Apr 30, 2022

BUJUMBURA April 29th (ABP) – The Minister of Public Service, Labor and Employment Dr Thaddée Ndikumana, during the presentation of the achievements of the third quarter on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, indicated that 750 fictitious files of civil servants of the State have been suspended, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The Minister in charge of the Public Service, in his attributions, indicated that, in the field of public administration, the Ministry of Labor is preparing for the digitization of all the files of civil servants. He also indicated that they must computerize the career of human resources and make the classification which respects the standards of all the files of the civil servants of the State.

Thus, he continued, during this third quarter, 6491 files were classified according to the standards, specifying that there is the inspection of the public service which verifies the authenticity of the diplomas of the civil servants of the State. Among the 529 verified diplomas, 528 authentic diplomas and one non-compliant diploma were found. Reason for which we suspended this worker and the handing over of the salary in the government fund. Dr. Ndikumana also pointed out that one must check if all the civil servants are at work to avoid fictitious civil servants.

The Minister of Public Service announced that the ministry, in its mission to design and implement the government’s policy on the rational management of state human resources and the promotion of employment and decent work for all, aligns with the national program of administrative reform which was adopted by the government of Burundi in 2012. It must also follow the national development plan 2018-2027 in its axis 13 with the objective of leading the administration towards a marked improvement in the performance and quality of services provided to the population.

Thus, in that same area of ​​public administration, the achievements have been satisfactory and in good governance, we have innovated by holding meetings every Monday at the level of general management to see the activities that have been carried out at courses of the past week and those scheduled for the following week. On Tuesday, we hold meetings with the cabinet council which brings together the general managers, the general inspectors and the heads of departments.

In order to strengthen the dialogue, the Minister of Labor indicated that a meeting of all staff has been held.

With the aim of implementing performance management in the public sector, it was planned to strengthen the performance management of 225 executives from the various ministries, 15 executives per sectoral ministry and 195 executives were reinforced for better performance management. performance but also the popularization of the manual for the management of human resources of the State.

In the context of public administration, 109 executives were reinforced before starting work and probationary internships were provided.