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The national language “Kirundi” faces challenges in its promotion


Apr 28, 2022

BUJUMBURA April 28th (ABP) – The Executive Secretary of the Rundi Academy within the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research Mr. Clément Bigirimana indicated, Thursday April 21, 2022, that the national language is facing challenges in his promotion. He was speaking during a two-day awareness session for senior officials of that ministry, university professors and members of the Rundi Academy commission. That activity focused on the missions, operation, achievements and future prospects of this academy.

Mr. Bigirimana said that the major challenges facing the national language are linked to the low sensitivity of Kirundi speakers, who think that it is a language that is not self-sufficient and that leads nowhere. He further clarified that the national language is an element of identity that one can learn to acquire knowledge, know-how that can be applicable in other countries.

According to him, the place of each language is well defined, its use, either in the administration, or in teaching or in communication, he explained. However, it is observed that the status conferred on the official languages ​​used in Burundi, namely Kirundi, French and English, is not respected due to the non-mastery of these languages ​​by the users.

                                               View of the participants

Due to the non-mastery of these languages ​​by the administrative staff and their collaborators, continues to specify, applicants for administrative documents experience difficulties when they need a document translated into a language other than French. By way of illustration, Mr. Bigirimana indicated that it is practically difficult to obtain an administrative document written in English or in Kirundi such as an extract from a birth certificate, so the law authorizes it and the administration is supposed to operate. in three languages.

He also raised another challenge related to the lack of rigorous follow-up and an imposition that must be made at the level of the administrators so that they respect the law as it is recorded.

He also indicated that they are in the process of sensitizing people on the various texts of law so that they know their duties and their rights.