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Beneficiaries of the “Tubehoneza” program are called on to take care of the donations they have received


Apr 27, 2022

GITEGA April 26th (ABP) – The Care International Burundi organization in partnership with World Vision Burundi, proceeded from April 21 to 22, 2022, to the  award ceremony for the best winners in the “Hackaton” innovative idea competition, organized by this consortium within the framework of the sustainability of the works of the Tubehoneza project that this consortium has carried out in the Makebuko, Itaba, Buraza and Bukirasazi communes of the Gitega province under the financing of the European Union.

One of the consultants, Mr. Cédric Nkurunziza, who organized this competition, indicated that Care International Burundi and Word Vision organized a competition for the beneficiaries of the said project to gather ideas on how they will manage the works produced by this project in their respective municipalities.

Mr. Nkurunziza reported that after analyzing their files, Care International Burundi and Word Vision retained 20 files per municipality. According to him, the first five received cans, a loincloth, two dozen notebooks, soaps, a mat, a blanket, etc. He further indicated that the others each received different prizes.

The consultant Nkurunziza also indicated that the Tubehoneza project has intervened in various sectors including food security, nutrition, water, sanitation and environmental protection as well as social cohesion. He pointed out that this program has granted bicycles and their accessories to the various groups working in these areas in order to ensure the smooth running of the program. For those in the field of agriculture, each will thus receive a device that will detect the level of temperature or humidity of the crops to be kept in the sheds that this project has built in certain municipalities.

Mr. Nkurunziza reported that these bikes will allow them to earn money by renting them when they are not used in transporting their crops. He indicated that this money will be used for their repair or the repair of the taps or other article which will break down.

On the administration side, various administrative authorities of the municipalities mentioned above appreciated the donations and activities that were carried out by the consortium of Care International Burundi and Word Vision organizations via the Tubehoneza project. These administrators called on the people, in particular the beneficiaries, to take care of these donations because they will be useful for everyone.

Recall that the closure of the Tubehoneza program funded by the European Union is scheduled for April 30, 2022, after 3.9 years of operation in Gitega province.

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