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817 Burundians were repatriated from Rwanda


Apr 22, 2022

KIRUNDO April 22nd (ABP) – 817 Burundian refugees were repatriated on Wednesday April 20, 2022 from Rwanda via the Burundian-Rwandan border of Gasenyi-Nemba in Busoni commune, Kirundo province (northern Burundi), a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The director general of repatriation within the ministry in charge of the Interior, Mr. Nestor Bimenyimana, indicated that those returnees are divided into two convoys, namely the urban refugees who lived in the various cities of Rwanda and those who lodged in the refugee camps of Mahama and Gatore.

Mr. Nestor said that there are few returnees during this period compared to last year because the workforce that they received in a week is now received in a month, that is to say, between 1,000 and 1,500 returnees, whereas it had been agreed to welcome one convoy per week in a tripartite meeting between Burundi, Rwanda and the UNHCR, he specified. Here, he said that the Burundi government plans to ask those concerned the reasons for that reluctance.

The director general of repatriation invited the returnees to join their compatriots in the community development work without ignoring to integrate the cooperatives, since the development of Burundi is centered on the cooperatives, he insisted. They are also called upon to keep peace and tighten security, as is a priority in Burundi, he said, and to register their children and marriages in the civil registry, as well as the registration of children at school.

Note that among the Burundian refugees who have gone into exile in Rwanda, 70% are from of Kirundo province according to UNHCR statistics.