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Resurgence of Covid-19 in Ntega commune


Apr 22, 2022

KIRUNDO April 22nd (ABP) – The resurgence of Covid-19 has been observed in these days on the Ntega, Sasa, Buringanire and Monge villages of Ntega commune in Kirundo province (northern Burundi).

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The governor of Kirundo province, Mr. Albert Hatungimana, went on Tuesday, April 19, 2022, to Sasa village in the same commune, to provide advice, a check on the site by ABP revealed. He urged the people to get tested voluntarily to identify those infected with the virus so that they can benefit from healthcare.

Governor Hatungimana reminded the people to continue respecting the barrier measures taken against the pandemic by the government. He also recommended the closure of restaurants and bars to prevent the spread of the virus. For those who test positive, he asked them to remain quarantined in their homes until their recovery instead of circulating here and there. He finally warned those who might dare to trade in drugs intended for Covid-19, saying that severe penalties are provided for in accordance with the law because those drugs are free, he said.