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Young job seekers are called upon to consider the profession of artist


Apr 13, 2022

GITEGA April 13th (ABP) – Artist Prosper Ndacayisaba from Ntobwe village in the Gitega rural zone is delighted with the progress already made based on the profession of artist, a profession that was inherited from his father. On his artistic city near the Alliance Française of Gitega and the unity square, Mr. Ndacayisaba and his team produce various artistic objects based on clay, wood, horns etc., a check by ABP revealed.

In an interview with the check by ABP on Tuesday, April 12, 2022, Mr. Ndacayisaba said that the profession of artist is of paramount importance in the development of the country because, according to him, it attracts tourists who are their main customers. Mr. Ndacayisaba asked the government of Burundi to promote their activities by seeking partnerships with other art houses, which will allow them to access the flow market abroad.

The head of the artistic city of Gitega further indicated that in the artistic field in the province of Gitega, his team has already carried out many artistic activities. These include the construction of major monuments in churches and certain hotels in the political capital such as the Hotel Étoile du Centre, Isango, and so on. He also indicated that he supervises certain young graduates as part of the promotion of art. According to him, these learners have sufficient background for the time being, as their crafted items are sold in the market, he said.

He calls on young job seekers in the province of Gitega to embrace that career to self-develop by creating their own jobs. It is worth noting that Mr. Ndacayisaba began to learn the craft of artist as well as his brothers and sisters after the crisis of 1993, when he dropped out of school.