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The CNIDH in the process of repatriating internally displaced people from Karusi


Apr 8, 2022

KARUSI April 8th (ABP) – The Independent National Commission for Human Rights (CNIDH), held a meeting in Karusi on Thursday, April 7, 2022, for communal administrators, zone leaders and representatives of internally displaced persons from Karusi and Ruyigi provinces, with the aim of contributing to activities aimed at implementing durable solutions for internally displaced persons in Karusi province.

The meeting was mainly aimed at discussing strategies for durable solutions in favor of internally displaced persons in Karusi as elsewhere, according to the chair of the CNIDH, Dr. Sixte Vigny Nimuraba. The causes of population displacements are common and multiple, according to the chairman of the commission, who cites natural disasters and violent political conflict as examples.

The CNIDH is currently leading a fight in the reception and socio-professional reintegration of returnees and the search for effective solutions for the voluntary return of displaced persons, he indicated. He urges the synergy of stakeholders especially the involvement of UNHCR, IOM and the government, without forgetting the grassroots administration which must play a leading role.

At the end of the meeting, the chair of the CNIDH would like the participants to know the role of the commission in the protection and promotion of human rights. In addition, the administration must be aware of its roles and responsibilities in the search for durable solutions to the issue of internally displaced persons.

Mr. Nimuraba would also like participants to think about identifying the needs of internally displaced persons on issues of return to the villages of origin and to advocate with partners for the assistance of internally displaced persons who have the will to return but who have material difficulties.

Note that the CNIDH intends to organize trips to the sites for internally displaced persons in Karusi as of Friday, April 8.