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Provincial office commends the extension of five-year Health for All program


Apr 14, 2022

KARUSI April 14th (ABP) – During the joint meeting of partners, held on Wednesday April 13, 2022, at the headquarters of Karusi province (central-eastern Burundi), with the goal of targeting the priorities to be integrated into the new five-year program (2022-2027), provincial doctor Léonidas Nzisabira congratulated the organizations MEMISA Belgium and Médecins Sans Vacances which, in their consortium, have visibly contributed to the improvement of community health.

During a period of five years (2017-2022), the MEMISA Belgium consortium and Médecins Sans Vacances, in their areas of work, notably rehabilitated two operating theaters and set up a sterilization circuit supplied with adequate equipment, said Dr Édouard Nkurunziza, national coordinator of MEMISA Belgium. The consortium has provided training to doctors and nurses in surgery and in the integration of mental health in care services at the community level, health centers and hospitals, which has reduced referral cases against referral, said Dr. Léonidas Nzisabira.

The governor’s socio-cultural adviser, Mr. Josias Nkeshimana, indicated in his opening speech that this meeting to announce the extension of the program which is accompanied by an activity to insert the priorities to be integrated into the program and the planning of the activities of the first half of the year, is an eloquent sign of the good collaboration with regard to the concerned organizations with the partners.