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Owners of plots surrounding the commercial port of Rumonge must present supporting documents


Apr 7, 2022

RUMONGE April 7th (ABP) – In order to prepare for the construction project of the commercial port of Rumonge (south-west of Burundi), the governor of Rumonge province, Consolateur Nitunga, gathered on Thursday, the buyers of the plots surrounding the said port.

According to Nitunga, the purpose of the meeting was to ask them to present immediately, the documents justifying the possession of those plots, recalling that this place was part of the State land because, he justified, the place was used in the past for implementing State projects. He made it clear that those targeted by that project are the owners of the plots located within 400 m from the perimeter of the port.

Some owners affected by the project have indicated that they have those documents but wonder why this question arises at this time when there have been other meetings with all the stakeholders. The latter let it be known that they are not against this development project, adding that they know well that public utility takes precedence over private utility. Thus, they ask that, if necessary, the law on expropriation be applied.

To that request, Mr. Nitunga replied that his objective is to verify whether those buyers are in order, in order to transmit the report to the hierarchy.

It is worth noting that the Rumonge commercial port construction project was initiated in 2018 and will be financed by the World Bank.