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Religious denominations are called on to contribute and encourage their followers to the development of the province


Apr 14, 2022

RUMONGE April 14th (ABP) – The religious denominations working in the Rumonge province (south-west of Burundi) are appealed to contribute and encourage their followers to the development of the province. This appeal was made on Wednesday by the governor of that province, Mr. Consolateur Nitunga, during a meeting organized for the leaders of the said religious denominations.

During the same meeting, Mr. Nitunga indicated that the role of religious denominations in the development of the province is essential. Thus, he invited them to plan development projects for their followers by creating cooperatives, above all, which practice agriculture and livestock. The governor of Rumonge province reminded the faith leaders that they have the assets to be able to develop the province, because, he added, their followers constitute a high workforce for farming projects.

Mr. Nitunga did not forget to give advice to the leaders of certain churches who come into conflict because of individual interests. He begged them to be guided by the Bible, a book which Mr. Nitunga says is the source of all blessings. Moreover, that provincial person in authority winked at churches that do not meet the standards, deploring that some of them do not have latrines while others do not even have an address and prefer to occupy classrooms or bars to bring together their faithful.

According to Mr. Nitunga, each church should work in strict compliance with the law, that is to say, he clarified, respect for the distance of 500 m between one church and another. Otherwise, Mr. Nitunga specified that the church which settled near the other will be closed. He therefore asked the representatives of all the churches working in Rumonge to present their ministerial ordinances of approval to the governor’s office in order to benefit from a certificate of recognition.

The participants thanked the governor of Rumonge province, indicating that they understood the message addressed to them. They asked the governor to organize quarterly meetings of the kind.