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The basic schools of Busoro and Bihara have received assistance in desk benches


Apr 1, 2022

BUJUMBURA March 31st (ABP) – The Prime Minister Alain Guillaume Bunyoni has handed over 100 desk benches granted by the mobile phone company Lumitel, to the basic schools of Busoro and Bihara located in the Kanyosha zone of Muha commune (Bujumbura City Council). Busoro Basic School received 60 desk benches while Bihara Basic School received 40.

In his speech, the Prime Minister indicated that many challenges haunt the education sector. He took this opportunity to inform the population that the State wants to clear up the issue of the lack of desk benches in schools this year.

He did not fail to express his thanks to the Lumitel company for the assistance it has just given to these basic schools, and for its intervention in general in the education sector. He invited other companies, the associations of the natives of the different municipalities, the administrators from the base to the top, through sensitizations, to give their contributions in order to find a solution to the various questions which haunt the education sector.

Mr. Bunyoni asked those in charge of these schools and all educators to continue to provide quality education despite those challenges. It was also an opportunity to invite them and the students who attend those schools to make good use of that assistance, to clean up schools, explaining that even future generations will need it. He asked the students to link the education of parents and that of the school because they constitute the “Burundi of tomorrow”. The Prime Minister called on those educated people to pray to God to grant them intelligence, wisdom, good health and long life in order to serve the country.

View of desk benches provided by Lumitel

The deputy general manager of the mobile phone company Lumitel, Mr. Melchiade Nzopfabarushe who had represented the general manager, said that what motivated this assistance is that Lumitel wanted to respond to the appeal of the Prime Minister urging them to intervene in the education sector. He added that Lumitel has already granted internet connection to several schools in the country, and that it is ready to continue supporting the education sector and other sectors.

The director of the Busoro basic school, Mr. Alexis Ndayishimiye welcomed this initiative. He said that his school has a high number of students including 3800 students for 21 classrooms. He proposed building that school upstairs to have many classrooms.

The director of the basic school of Bihara, Mrs. Jeanne Habonimana indicated that her school also has high numbers including 1037 students for 6 classrooms. She also proposed the construction in floor to have many classes. They also pointed out the lack of drinking water in those places.