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The MPs continue their tour to collect the grievances of the people


Mar 18, 2022

MAKAMBA March 18th (ABP) – The MPs elected in the constituency of Makamba met, on Wednesday March 16, 2022, the people of the Kabonga and Muyange zones of the Nyanza-Lac commune to collect their grievances, raise awareness about strengthening good cohabitation and to tackle the development works, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The people asked those elected representatives of the people to approach the competent services for the electrification of their localities.

He also requested the development of roads, the supply of drinking water and the construction of health centers.

The population also raised the issue of insurance for fishermen as well as the availability of school textbooks from the 3rd to the 6th fundamental.

Speaking, the representative of those MPs, Mr. Zachée Misago indicated that they will forward their grievances to the authorized officials.

These parliamentarians reminded the people of their role in safeguarding peace and security, the basis of all development, by inviting young people to follow the advice of their elders to achieve and maintain this objective.

In terms of development, these parliamentarians asked the population to adhere to the policy of cultivation as a whole. Women and young people were invited to participate in cooperatives and to create projects to access loans from banks dedicated to them.

Regarding the social, they urged the people to strengthen families by avoiding polygamy, concubinage, laziness and by fighting against the manufacture, marketing and consumption of prohibited drinks.

At the end of their field trips, they visited a young graduate, Nephtalie Ciza, laureate of the Faculty of Bio Engineering and Agronomy (FABI), initiator of the Farm of Innovation and Agro-pastoral Training (FIFAP). It is home to a two-hectare vegetable field where there are tomatoes, watermelons and eggplants, as well as a chicken coop and a pigsty, in the Nyabigina village in the Kabonga zone.