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The Speaker of the National Assembly met with representatives of religious denominations


Mar 16, 2022

KAYANZA March 16th (ABP) – The President of the National Assembly, Mr. Daniel Gélase Ndabirabe, for the second day of his tour in this province, continued this Tuesday, March 15, his meetings fitting well with the parliamentary holidays with the representatives of religious denominations operating in Kayanza province (north), a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Presenting the current situation that prevails within the religious denominations operating in the said province, the governor, Mr. Rémy Cishahayo, specified that the religious denominations maintain good relations today despite the cases of dissension mentioned within the Adventist Church. of the 7th day in Kabarore commune.

                                          View of the representatives of religious denominations operating in Kayanza province

In his teachings centered primarily on the holy scriptures taken from Romans 8, Mr. Ndabirabe, insisted on the promise that God made to men. He pointed out that religious leaders have a great burden to perform compared to ordinary believers because they already have a commitment through the way of decoration and anointing.

As a result, he invited them to ask for forgiveness so that God enlightens souls and to avoid being confused by diabolical spirits by tearing each other apart within their respective churches in pursuit of their hidden interests.

He returned to certain religious leaders who leave their churches to set up other churches and the supernatural miracles performed in recent times by certain religious. “You are better placed to help us join forces to fight these evil spirits,” he added, adding that the prayer cells are not spared from these demons.

Regarding the chapter on the characteristics of good leadership, the President of the National Assembly urged the religious leaders of Kayanza to defend the truth, to serve as models by managing as a good father all that is at his disposal.

In addition, he called on them to make good decisions, in real time and for well-founded reasons, without forgetting to plead for their leaders and defend their interests.

Note that such a meeting is scheduled for Wednesday for representatives of cooperative societies including Sangwe cooperatives.