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The International Women’s Day has been celebrated


Mar 9, 2022

RUMONGE March 9th (ABP) – It is under the theme “women at the center of agricultural development and environmental protection”, that Burundi celebrated Tuesday, March 8, 2022, International Women’s Day.

The ceremonies took place in the Rumonge province and were enhanced by the presence of the Head of State, Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye and his wife, the dignitaries of the country as well as the representatives of the various diplomatic missions accredited to Burundi.

The ceremonies began with a long parade of women working in different institutions of the country, members of associations that campaign for the protection of women’s rights and that of military and police women.

In his welcome address, the governor of Rumonge province summarized the geographical location of Rumonge province, noting that

women actively participate in the development works by joining agro-pastoral cooperatives and associations whose production contributes to the development of Rumonge province.

In terms of environmental protection, the provincial governor regretted that the environment is threatened by climate change linked to the rising waters of Lake Tanganyika, stating that 1081 households are homeless.

On behalf of the representatives of the diplomatic missions, the resident coordinator of the United Nations system in Burundi expressed his thanks to the President of the Republic for his involvement in the fight for the promotion and development of women’s rights.

The Minister of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender, in her speech, indicated that this day is an opportunity for nations to make a self-assessment in the promotion of human rights. wife. It is also an opportunity for self-assessment for women, she added, in terms of their contribution to the development of families and the country.

Women members of the FDN in parade

According to her, the government has already carried out many actions to support women in their self-development, and cited, among other things, the granting of fertilizers to farmers grouped in cooperatives at an affordable price.

The government has also provided farmers with livestock to promote agriculture associated with animal husbandry as well as the distribution of selected seeds to facilitate seed multipliers.

An investment and development bank for women (BIDF) has also been created so that women can benefit from financial facilities.

In his speech for the occasion, the Head of State made it known that in the past, women occupied a considerable place insofar as they were the only holders of the faculty to elect the king’s successor.

At a time when women were fighting for the right to elect, he insisted, in Burundi the said right already existed, regretting that the situation had changed with the advent of Westerners.

The Burundian woman was always valiant according to the President of the Republic, giving a typical example of a certain Inamujandi who fought the colonizers and who ended up being killed and burned alive.

The Head of State also indicated that women can be a source of life or death. That is the case of Eve, considered according to the Head of State, as the origin of misfortune while the Blessed Virgin Mary gave birth to the savior of the earth.

The Head of State has not forgotten to provide advice to women and men. He called on women to participate in decision-making bodies, stating that the situation has changed considerably because, he explained, women are currently represented in the national assembly at 41% and invited them to create their political parties and to support each other.

Men were invited to help and support their wives in their projects because they are the pillar of household development. It should be noted that the cooperatives and associations that have marked themselves in terms of development as well as the people who have campaigned for the promotion of women’s rights have been awarded by the ministry having gender in its attributions.