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Farmer support is needed


Mar 8, 2022

BUJUMBURA March 7th (ABP) – The governor of Bujumbura province (western Burundi), calls on the technical services of the Provincial Directorate of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (DPAEE) to play their role which consists of close supervision of farmers to acquire modern agricultural methods in order to increase production.

Governor Nsengiyumva indicates that some communal agronomists and agricultural monitors are not visible on the ground and asks the director of the DPEAE to bring them to order. Some instructors do not even know the cultures that have been set up for this season to say that they fall asleep.

Some administrators such as that of Mukike, Nyabiraba, Mutimbuzi and Mutambu indicated that there are villages which do not have agricultural monitors and the director responsible for agriculture, Mr. Daniel Mazarahisha, indicates that there are candidates who have passed an exam and who could soon be hired.

Mrs. Marcelline Ndinkabandi is a farmer from Mukonko village in Nyabiraba commune who still practices polyculture on the same land where beans, peas and sweet potatoes and potatoes are in the same garden.

Asked by the check by ABP if she benefits from agricultural supervision, she replied in the negative, adding that her hill does not have an agricultural monitor.

Governor Nsengiyumva also asked Director Mazarahisha to convene a meeting of all DPEAE Bujumbura employees to raise their awareness and remind them of the performance contract.