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Three graduates from the University of Burundi are committed to job creation


Mar 1, 2022

BUJUMBURA February 28th (ABP) – Three young laureates of the University of Burundi and residents of the Mutanga Sud district have embarked on the trade of leather goods thanks to their fathers who have supervised them in the matter.

That is how they created a workshop called RAMBA very close to boulevard Mwezi Gisabo in order to practice the knowledge acquired, we learned during an interview that the manager of this workshop Mr. Dieudonné Ndayisenga granted to the check by ABP.

Indeed, Mr. Ndayisenga said that to start this project of production and sale of leather goods had had the chance to participate in a training where he acquired knowledge related to this profession. Afterwards they received financial support of five million (5,000,000 BIF) from their parents. That amount served as capital and allowed them to acquire the materials they needed to get started. These are tires, animal skins, and sewing machines.

The products produced in that workshop are mainly men’s and women’s shoes as well as belts. Those objects are expensive because of the raw materials which are also expensive, but their workshop is already known by many customers because it is placed in a strategic place.

Thus, many people often come for free training in leather goods while bringing their own teaching materials. According to him, he indicated that about 30 pairs of shoes can be sold per month.

That official also indicated that those entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to sell their products outside the country, particularly in the EAC countries. He also said that they contribute to the development of the country by paying taxes and duties. Finally, he recommends that other young people exploit their talents by moving towards entrepreneurship.