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The Sant ‘Egidio community has given clothes to the Batwa of the two sites in the Kayanza commune


Feb 23, 2022

KAYANZA February 23rd (ABP) – The Bujumbura branch within the Sant ‘Egidio community, in collaboration with that of Kayanza (north), granted on Sunday, February 20, clothes to nearly a hundred people from the Batwa community of the two sites including that of Munkazi in the Magamba village and that of Gitaramuka in the Musave village, all of the Kayanza commune, a check on site by ABP has revealed.

One of the leaders of that community in Burundi at the same time adviser to the leadership of the Sant ‘Egidio community in the world, Mr. Eric Nyamiyonga, indicated that they came to assist them because they are aware of their precarious living conditions and that clothes are part of their daily needs.

When those members of the Batwa community raised the problem of lack of decent houses and that when it rains, they are threatened by the rain, Mr. Nyamiyonga clarified that the construction of houses for the vulnerable is part of their interventions. He thus reassured that they are going to try to do everything possible so that they build the houses of the Batwa on the Gitaramuka site. The beneficiaries of that aid expressed a feeling of satisfaction and took the opportunity to ask the other benefactors to always think of the poor by granting them basic aid.